Kevin Antreassian
Band: The Dillinger Escape Plan / Knife the Glitter / Elephant Graveyard / Backroom Studios
Vigier artist since: 2015

Guitarist of the American band The Dillinger Escape Plan, he is also the owner of Backroom Studios in New Jersey where he also works as a producer and sound engineer.


Knife the Glitter – Breakfast Time (2006)
Dillinger Escape Plan – Dissociation (2016)
Knife the Glitter – Knife the Glitter (2017)


Excalibur Indus
G.V. Rock
Excalibur Ultra

John Avila
Band: The Mutaytor / Oingo Boingo / The Avilas
Vigier artist since: 1992

American bassist of the band the Mutaytor, he was also the bassist of the successful new wave band Oingo Boingo. John has also toured with Neil Young and the Promise of the Real and is an acclaimed producer in LA.


Oingo Boingo – Dead Man's Party (1985)
Oingo Boingo – Boi-ngo (1987)
Oingo Boingo – Dark at the End of the Tunnel (1990)
Oingo Boingo – Boingo (1994)
Brandon –- Age of Awakening (Love Song ’91, New England)
Steve Vai -– Fire Garden (The Crying Machine)
Food For Feet -– Food For Feet
Food For Feet -– Order
Doug and the Mystics –- New Hat
Robby Krieger –- No Habla
Patrick Moraz –- Time Code
Psychotic Aztecs –- Santa Sanore
Sol D’ Menta –- El Concepto (Padre)
Robby Krieger -– Cinematix
Act of Faith – Jade
Jennifer Nash – Jennifer Nash


Passion II
Excess Original
Excess 5
Passion Surfreter Delta Metal

Band: Darkenhold
Vigier artist since: 2012

Bass player from the French Medieval Black Metal band Darkenhöld.

Discographie :

Memoria Sylvarum (2017)
Castellum (2014)


Passion III Black Diamond

Scott Allen
Band: Scott Allen Project
Vigier artist since: 2011

American guitarist and multi-instrumentalist, he officiates in his solo project named Scott Allen Project playing in an instrumental and progressive Hard Rock style.


7 years – 7 Years/1997
The Morning after – Just Add Water /2003
Scott Allen Project – What Lies beyond Words/2006
98 Rock- Bod Squad DVD/2007
Chops From Hell/Art of Rock Guitar DVD/2008
Mad Guitar Records- Melodic Soloists/2009
Scott Allen Project – From the Blindside/2010
Scott Allen Project – III
Scott Allen Project – Escape Velocity


Excalibur Supra 7
Excalibur Custom

Cameron Allen NAMM 2020
Cameron Allen
Band: Cameron Allen
Vigier artist since: 2012

Cameron Allen joined the Vigier family by winning the Next BendNote Talent Competition in 2012. Since then he has used his insane talents to teach a generation of guitarists and forge his own musical path.


Cameron Allen – Between the Lines (2012)
Cameron Allen – Ex Nihilo


Excalibur Ultra
Excalibur Supra 7

Chris Alfano
Chris Alfano
Band: East of the Wall / NY in 64 / Rough Spring

Chris Alfano is a NJ based bassist for the bands East of the Wall, NY in 64 and Rough Spring.


East of the Wall – Ressentiment (2010)
East of the Wall – The Apologist (2011)
East of the Wall – Redaction Artifacts (2013)
NY in 64 – NY64 (2015)
NY in 64 – The Gentle (2017)
Rough Spring – EP (2017)
NY in 64 – Safety (2019)
East of the Wall – NP: Complete (2019)


Excess 5
Excalibur Supra 7

Ron Bumblefoot Thal
Ron Bumblefoot Thal
Band: Bumblefoot / Guns and Roses / Asia / Sons Of Appolo
Vigier artist since: 1997

Known for being a musical UFO, Ron Thal is a talented artist. Gifted with an outstanding technique, this New-Yorker likes to share through music his eccentricity and joyfulness. He is NOT your typical Hendrix / Van Halen copycat. Through experiments and new techniques, he has proved capable of taking the guitar to the next level and opened the path for future generations. Ron likes to experiment, but also proves capable of singing catchy rock songs on his latest album “Normal”, which is both an accessible melodic rock album and a breathtaking exhibition of a varied guitar techniques palette. After being introduced to Axl Rose by Joe Satriani, he joined the Guns and Roses on tour. His remarkable live performance on “Nightrain” impressed the fans worldwide. Ron is also famous for playing on weird-looking guitars. Who else plays on a foot-shaped guitar? Or a drill-holed “Cheese” guitar? Bumblefoot is a real Vigier enthusiast, and his long-term collaboration coherently gave birth to a Signature Model, the Vigier BBF.


Guns N' Roses – Chinese Democracy (2008)
Bumblefoot – Abnormal (2008)
Bumblefoot – Normal (2005)
Bumblefoot – Forgotten Anthology (2003)
Bumblefoot – Uncool (2002)
Bumblefoot – 9.11 (2001)
Bumblefoot – Hands (1998)
Ron Thal – Hermit (1997)
Ron Thal – The Adventures of Bumblefoot (1995)


Excalibur Custom Clear Black
Excalibur Surfreter Supra Antique Violin
BumbleFoot Custom
Swiss Cheese Guitar
Excalibur Bfoot
G.V. Rock
G.V. Wood
Double Bfoot

Jean Beauvoir
Band: Crown Of Thorns
Vigier artist since: 1994

Guitarist from Chicago (United States) was composer and studio musician for artists such as NSYNC, Jong-hyun, Doro, Lionel Richie, Cameo, He is notably known for his hit of the year 1986 “Feel the Heat he is currently working in his solo project called Crown Of Thorns.


The Plasmatics – New Hope for the Wretched (1980)
The Plasmatics – Metal Priestess (1981)
The Plasmatics – Beyond the Valley of 1984 (1981)

Solo – Drums Along the Mohawk (1986)
Solo – “Feel The Heat” (1986 Lead track for Sylvester Stallone's COBRA film.)
Solo – “Missing The Young Days” (1986)
Solo – Jacknifed (Columbia Records, 1988)
Solo – “Gamblin' Man” (1988)
Solo – Rockin' in the Street (1996)
Solo – Bare to the Bones (2001)
Solo – “Here She Comes” (Title track for film “The Guilty” starring Bill Pullman)
Solo – “Monday”
Solo – Chameleon (2003)
Solo – “Merry Christmas To All of the World” (End title track for “CHRISTMAS WITH THE KRANKS” film. 2004)
Solo – “Jean Beauvoir AKA Voodoo Man” “The Rhythm”
Solo – Rock Masterpieces Vol 1 (2017)
Solo – Rock Masterpieces Vol 2 (2017)

Crown of Thorns – Crown of Thorns (1993)
Crown of Thorns – Raw Thorns (demos from 1991 to 1994) (1994)
Crown of Thorns – 21 Thorns (1995)
Crown of Thorns – Breakthrough (1996)
Crown of Thorns – Lost Cathedral (1998)
Crown of Thorns – Destiny Unknown (2000)
Crown of Thorns – Karma (2002)
Crown of Thorns – Crown Jewels (greatest hits) (2004)
Crown of Thorns – Faith (2008)
Crown of Thorns – “Are You Ready” (Single)

Voodoo X – Vol. 1 The Awakening (1989)

Beauvoir-Free – American Trash” (2015)


Excalibur Original
Excalibur Surfreter Special
G.V. Wood

Erik Boon
Band: Gotcha!
Vigier artist since: 2012

Bass player of the Dutch Funk band “Gotcha!”


Arpege 5 Custom

Pierre Bibault
Vigier artist since: 2011

French guitarist of classical and contemporary music, graduate professor of the Normal School of Music in Paris.


Excalibur Custom
G.V. Wood

Mike Brignardello

Studio bass player from Nashville, having played with Faith Hill, Trace Adkins, Emerson Hart, Amy Grant, Tim McGraw, Peter Cetera, Brooks & Dunn, Lynyrd Skynyrd.


Arpege 5

Chris Buono
Chris Buono
Vigier artist since: 2013

Chris Buono makes music with a guitar and lots of pedals. As a leader Chris heads the genre-bending organ trio cB3 featuring Ben Stivers and Tobias Ralph. Chris is the founder and co-writer for the progressive math funk project RedRightReturn that includes Tippan Phasuk, Justin Stanton, Evan Marien and Alex Silvergold. Both cB3 and RedRightReturn are releasing debut albums in late 2019/early 2020. Chris also plays with cult legends, James Chance & The Contortions.

As a sideman and/or guest soloist Chris Buono has performed and/or recorded with Dweezil Zappa, Snarky Puppy, Bumblefoot, Karsh Kale, Graham Haynes, David Fiuczynski, Oz Noy, Keith Carlock, Rodney Holmes, Steve Jenkins, Tony Grey, Dave Martone, Sophia Ramos, Dopapod, Consider the Source, Kung Fu, Jazz is PHSH and many more.

As an educator Chris has taught guitarists from all over the world through Berklee College of Music, TrueFire, Guitar Player, Guitar One, Just Jazz Guitar, Hal Leonard, Alfred, Course Technology & among others. Chris Buono is responsible for 40 TrueFire courses including the celebrated Guitar Gym series, eight instructional books on guitar and music technology and nearly 50 guitar magazine articles.


Excalibur Special
Excalibur Surfreter Supra

Julien Bommeleyn
Julien Bommeleyn
Band: Eclipsica
Vigier artist since: 2018

Julien Bommeleyn is a French guitarist living in Los Angeles. Julien has been playing guitar and touring with several bands over the last 10 years and has proudly used Vigier guitars throughout his music career. He is the lead guitar player for the Los Angeles based rock/metal band Eclipsica.

Band: Buckethead, Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brains, Guns n' Roses, Praxis

Buckethead is best known for his truly unique voice on guitar, but what a lot of fans don't know until they see him perform is that he is an absolute MONSTER on bass as well.


Excess 4 String

Alex Cordo
Vigier artist since: 2012

French solo guitarist of Rock and Classical music, he is also an educational speaker for Guitar Part magazine.

Discography :

Origami – 2016


G.V. Rock Pearl White
G.V. Wood P90 Ebony Fade

Phil Curty
Band: Lofofora
Vigier artist since: 1997

Bass player of the mythical French Metal / Punk / Fusion band Lofofora, he is also a member of the collective Le Bal des enragés.

Discography :

1995 : Lofofora
1996 : Peuh !
1999 : Dur comme fer
2003 : Le fond et la forme
2005 : Les choses qui nous dérangent (At(h)ome)
2007 : Mémoire de singes (At(h)ome)
2011 : Monstre Ordinaire (At(h)ome)
2014 : L'épreuve du contraire (At(h)ome)
2018 : Simple Appareil (At(h)ome)
2019 : Vanités (At Home)


Vigier Excess

Ronni Crooks
Band: Ronni Crooks Band, Toys.

Guitarist from New York (United States) and leader of the Rock-Pop band Ronni Crooks Band, she was also a member of the band Toys.


Passion Clear Night Blue
Excalibur Ocean Blue

Levi Clay
Band: Hellcat Molly

British solo guitarist and founder of the Hard Rock band Hellcat Molly.

Shawn Christie
Band: Nation of Five / Zeroesque / Shawn Christie
Vigier artist since: 2009

Shawn Christie has been playing guitar for over twenty five years, and has been fortunate enough to share the stage with some of his heroes, such as Guthrie Govan (Asia, Dizzee Rascal, The Aristocrats) Bryan Beller (Dethklok, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani) Alex Skolnick (Testament, Trans Siberian Orchestra) and 10 time Grammy winners Take 6.

Over the years, Shawn has remained extremely active through recording, clinics and live performances. He has performed with numerous regional and national musicians such as drummer James Bradley Jr. (Chuck Mangione, Anita Baker, Jeffrey Osbourne, Crazytown). He also could be found holding down steady positions in two full production shows in Atlantic City: Legends in Concert and Royal Jelly. Between these two shows, Shawn performed a whopping 522 shows in one year!


Along with all those dates, he remains a dedicated instructor. Shawn has been an Artist in Residence/Clinician for New Jersey State Council for the Arts, and continues to educate students privately.

Elias Granillo, from the progressive rock site Sea of Tranquility writes: “Shawn Christie has no need to find himself pigeonholed, and won’t anytime soon, unless he doesn’t mind being compared to a chameleon, since he’s already gone from John Petrucci, to Tony MacAlpine, to Pat Metheny in roughly half of an album.”

Ever the “chameleon” of styles, Shawn was chosen as the winner of 92.5WXTU's unplugged contest in 2018, becoming the house musician for the station as well as performing alongside the likes of country superstars Dierks Bentley, Brothers Osbourne, Lanco and Morgan Whalen.


Zeroesque – Zeroesque (2003)
Mama Winslow – Sticks and Stones (2006)
Zeroesque – Multipick Technique (2008)
Nation of Five – Underdubbed: Live From One Eleven (2012)
Shawn Christie – Starting From Zero (2017)
Shawn Christie – Still Chasing (2020)


Excalibur Ultra
Expert Classic Rock
Double Bfoot
G.V. Rock
G.V. Wood

Youri De Groote
Vigier artist since: 2003

Youri De Groote is known as a “pure tone guitar player.”

He is a session player and has worked and played with hundreds of artists and production teams. He won the “Make Shred Great Again” guitar award at the world’s most famous guitar contest “Guitar Idol” at the Final in London, 2017.

Youri also teaches master classes and does demos for Vigier, Roland/Boss, Guitar Pro, and Elixir Strings at such places as the NAMM Show, Musikmesse, Paris Music Expo, Summer Brugges Master Classes, Brussels Music School, Music Academby International (MAI France), Issoudun Guitar Festival, Guitar X-treme Magazine and Guitar Live Web-zine among others.

Most of his Vigier guitars are pink, specially made for him based on a pink baby bottle.

Lapiro De Mbanga

He calls himself  “Ndinga-Man” or the guitar man. His music is a medium allowing him to denounce the malaise of Cameroonian society. “I sing for all the victims of society”. These victims are the neglected children of “planetary slums, the zonards, the suburbs”, to whom he asks to shake their miseries by … dancing. Lapiro de Mbanga is a singer with texts playing on a powerful and vigorous rhythm which recalls the makossa.


G.V. Rock

Domo Dixon
Band: Gama Bomb
Vigier artist since: 2016

Guitarist of the Irish Thrash Metal band Gama Bomb.

Discography :

Speed between the lines – 2018
Untouchable glory – 2015
The terror tapes – 2013
Tales from the grave in space – 2009


Expert Retro 54
Excalibur Special

Yanis Djama
Band: Amel Zen
Vigier artist since: 2018

Algerian musician, he is a guitarist, producer and also composer of many artists, notably Amel Zen and Nadia Boumerdassi.

Discography :

Amel Zen – Joussour (2019)


Ultra Blues HSS
Excalibur Custom

Buck Down
Buck Down
Band: Buck AE Down, The Mutaytor
Vigier artist since: 2007

Buck AE Down is an LA musician, graphic designer and writer whose approach to all these creative endeavors always seems to be one step ahead of the curve.


Buck AE Down – All the Way Down (2018)
Buck AE Down – The Heavy Weight and the Lift (2019)


Excalibur Custom
GV P-90

Graig Erickson
Vigier artist since: 1998
Cradled by music from an early age (his father was a recognized jazz guitarist and his mother a piano teacher), Craig Erickson grew up in jazz and classical music.
Craig Erickson formed his first band at the age of 13 and recorded his first record at the age of 14. His first real album, called Roadhouse Stomp, was recorded in San Francisco in 1992.
He was successful enough to allow Craig to record his second solo album the following year, Retro Blues.
It was the starting point of Craig Erickson's career since, following this album, Craig collaborated with many artists like Chris Duarte, Eugene Gales or Glenn Hughes and made several tours in Europe in company of the latter.
Shawn Eckels
Shawn Eckels
Band: Andy Frasco & the U.N.
Vigier artist since: 2018

Shawn is the guitar wizard behind the madness that is Andy Frasco & the U.N. Their positively insane live show and feel good music are shining examples that rock music is going to be OK.


Love, You're Just Too Expensive (2010)
Road Life Revival (2012)
Just a Good Ole Time (2013)
Half A Man (2014)
Happy Bastards (2016)
Songs From The Road (2017)
Change of Pace (February 22, 2019)


Excalibur Supra

Yossi Fine
Band: Exentric Sound System
Vigier artist since: 1985

Bassist for Funk, Dub and Afro-Beat, he is known for his band Exentric Sound System.

Grégory François
Band: Gowy
Vigier artist since: 2003

Grégory François alias “Gowy” is a French guitarist and composer. He plays in his project “Gowy” influenced by all the Jazz-Rock movement “Fusion” of the 70s and also by progressive rock and is session guitarist for many other artists. He is also a big fan of Frank Zappa.

Discography :

Music without money (2020)
Live at Tourcoing Jazz Festival (2019)
Free EP (2017)
Atoms (2016)
EP one take (2013)
Essential tracks (2007)

Christophe Florian aka L.C.F.
Band: Vanguard X Mortem / Lords Of The Cemetery / Ancestral Lore
Vigier artist since: 1993

French guitarist and founder of the Metal bands Vanguard X Mortem, Lords Of The Cemetery and Ancestral Lore.

Discography :

Ancestral Lore – Behind the night horizon (2019)
Lords Of The Cemetery – Path of Damara – (2018)
Vanguard X Mortem – Amberosia – (2018)
Lords Of The Cemetery – Citipati – (2016)
Vanguard X Mortem – Anthropomorphism – (2016)
Vanguard X Mortem – Neptune Fragrance -(2014)
Vanguard X Mortem – [vanguardismortem] – (2012)
Comédie Macabre – Deathperanthis – (2009)


Excalibur Original & Custom
Ultra Blues
Excalibur Standard


Roger Glover
Band: Bumblefoot / Sons Of Appolo
Vigier artist since: 1996

Is it really necessary to introduce this rock and roll legend? Yes. For those of you that don't know Roger Glover started by learning piano and acoustic guitar.
But it's as a bass player that in his first band, Madison, in 1963. However, a life changing event took place in July 1969. Ian Gillian was recording with Deep Purple and called Roger as a session member. One week later, Roger became a member of Deep Purple. In 1984, the band reformed with Roger on board. He has been using Vigier basses for years and gave his name to a signature model last year.


Deep Purple – Rapture the deep (2005)
Deep Purple – Bananas (2003)
Snapshot (2002)
Deep Purple – Abandon (1998)
Deep Purple – Purpendicular (1996)
Deep Puple – The battle rages on (1993)
Rainbow – Finyl Vinyl (1986)
Solo – Butterfly Ball (1974)
And many many more…


Vigier Excess Roger Glover Signature
Vigier Excess Clear Red
Vigier Excess Natural Alder Mat
Vigier Excess Ash
Vigier Excess II Retro Red
Vigier Excess II Urban Blue
and many more…