Yossi Fine
Band: Exentric Sound System
Vigier artist since: 1985

Bassist for Funk, Dub and Afro-Beat, he is known for his band Exentric Sound System.

Grégory François
Band: Gowy
Vigier artist since: 2003

Grégory François alias “Gowy” is a French guitarist and composer. He plays in his project “Gowy” influenced by all the Jazz-Rock movement “Fusion” of the 70s and also by progressive rock and is session guitarist for many other artists. He is also a big fan of Frank Zappa.

Discography :

Music without money (2020)
Live at Tourcoing Jazz Festival (2019)
Free EP (2017)
Atoms (2016)
EP one take (2013)
Essential tracks (2007)

Christophe Florian aka L.C.F.
Band: Vanguard X Mortem / Lords Of The Cemetery / Ancestral Lore
Vigier artist since: 1993

French guitarist and founder of the Metal bands Vanguard X Mortem, Lords Of The Cemetery and Ancestral Lore.

Discography :

Lords Of The Cemetery – Luminous Gate – (2022)

Ancestral Lore – Behind the night horizon (2019)
Lords Of The Cemetery – Path of Damara – (2018)
Vanguard X Mortem – Amberosia – (2018)
Lords Of The Cemetery – Citipati – (2016)
Vanguard X Mortem – Anthropomorphism – (2016)
Vanguard X Mortem – Neptune Fragrance -(2014)
Vanguard X Mortem – [vanguardismortem] – (2012)
Comédie Macabre – Deathperanthis – (2009)


Excalibur Original
Excalibur Special & Ultra Blues