Ivan Rougny
Band: Morglbl
Vigier artist since: 2008

Born in France in 1970, Ivan began bass guitar at the age of 16. At the beginning he was very influenced by English pop and Soul / funk from the 70s, but also by jazz rock and World Music. He quickly scoured the regional concert halls with projects of all kinds.

Since 1997 he has formed with Christophe Godin (Guitar) and Aurélien Ouzoulias (Drums), the power trio called Morglbl (Prog / Jazz / Metal) with which he toured all over the world.

Discography :

Mörglbl – The story of Scott Rotti (2019)
Mörglbl – Tea time for punks (2015)
Mörglbl – Brutal Romance (2012)
Mörglbl – Jazz for the deaf (2009)

John Roche
Band: Gama Bomb
Vigier artist since: 2015

Guitarist of the Irish Thrash Metal band Gama Bomb.

Discography :

Speed between the lines – 2018
Untouchable glory – 2015
The terror tapes – 2013
Tales from the grave in space – 2009