Roey Haviv
Band: Carolinacation / Skatepark / Roey Haviv
Vigier artist since: 2012

Roey is North Carolina's bassist extraordinaire. His skill on both fretted and fretless instruments makes him one of the go-to players in the Charlotte area.

A short list of just some of the bands and artists he played in/with over the years:
Nitay Av,
Tizmoret Ayn,
Pire adam,
Karni Eldad and the Muchachos,
Days like months,
Prof' Kobi Arad,
The Elephants,
D-other side,
Great white oblivion,
E&R duo,
2nd drink band.
Michael Tracy


Excess 4 String
Passion III 5 String
Passion IV Surfreter 4 String