For endorsement requests we answer only proposals made by post.
It is necessary to send us a “Press-kit”, complete with CD, photographs, biography, articles, and any other documents promoting the artist and / or the group.

We also ask that every artist completes and encloses the endorsement form , which will help us determine what level of endorsement is best for the artist / group.

Please be aware that a simple email or phone call does not allow us to judge the potential of proposal.

Send your requests to the following address:

10-12 rue de l’abbé Grégoire
ZAC des radars
91350 Grigny

It is not necessary to remind us of your request; we pay close attention to all the files that are sent to us.
We will contact the artist / group which are the most appropriate.

Otherwise, files are archived and it is possible that the artist / group is later re-contacted for another possibility in our catalogue which corresponds better to their style.