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24 Mar 2021 18:14


I'm the proud owner of a Shawn Lane signature (the plain matte one).

Needless to say, it's the best Vigier on the market (IMHO), and a true testament to one of the greatest players who ever walked the earth.

However, after changing pots and pickups to something a tad more spicy (a Super Distortion and a Norton), when I look at it, I think it could be more let's say "attractive".
Let's face it, while certainly not ugly, it's not the prettiest guitar out there...
I realize Shawn is how he liked it, stripped down and bare bones, and that's OK. It's an efficient hyper-shred machine and it does what it does.

However... What if the great Patrice used the flat radius and shortened 24.8" scale as a "platform" to choose more colour options from and maybe a maple board as an alternative (my personal preference)?

Or, if not, how about a custom line where customers can add more options and be put on a waiting list? Just my 2 cents.
Thanks, cheers!
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24 Mar 2021 18:24

Thank you for your nice words about Shawn Lane.
It is a signature, I cannot change it without asking Shawn Lane....! I wont talk for him, but probably the way it looks was second for him, first was how it * his playing and music.
I keep in mind to offer flat fingerboard on an other model, that might be possible one time.
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24 Mar 2021 20:44

Good evening Mr. Vigier,

thank you for the answer. It's nice to see you personally keep in touch with clients. :)
Obviously I wasn't suggesting a change to the signature model itself, that was Shawn's preference and will and is something to be respected for obvious reasons.

At the end of the day, when it boils down to it, aesthetics and looks is a very personal thing.
But, yes, if you could add a couple more options to a zero-fret and flat radius model, while retaining the 24.8" scale (or a slightly shorter scale in general), that would be awesome.
You could call it the Vigier Excalibur Zero Zero (zero-fret / zero-radius), how does it sound? :)

Add a couple of extra options like a maple fretboard, a nice flamed top, an abalone pickguard, and you have a new model.
I also have an Excalibur Original and an Indus, but when it comes down to it, spec-wise they're not that different.
And while being excellent instruments in their own right, the Lane model feels just different... I believe it's exactly the combination of the shortened scale and flat board which makes it so special.

Also, think about that from a production standpoint: there are very very few flat radius fretboards on the market, and there certainly is a decent request for them around. For now, your only option is pretty much the Shawn Lane model, or maybe a Carvin Holdsworth 20" (if I can bring up a competitor). So you could easily scale it up and achieve interesting numbers in terms of sales. It could be an industry niche.
I could see myslef paying $3500+ for such a luxury instrument, easily. Quality and uniqueness has its cost.

OK, many thanks for your attention, and again thanks for the answer.
Au revoir!
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