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by kaos
10 Feb 2015 19:50
Forum: Suggestions forum
Topic: Vigier merchandises
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Vigier merchandises

hello everyone i was wondering if i would be the only one who would buy Vigier tshirt,hats stuff like that. It would be an honor to wear they're colors! Dis anyone saw dj hoodie at namm im jealous!!!

by kaos
10 Feb 2015 19:43
Forum: Buy and sell forum
Topic: Vigier Marilyn
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Vigier Marilyn

hello, what is her date of birth and how much do you want for it in us$?

by kaos
21 Jan 2015 06:14
Forum: Guitar and bass forum
Topic: Just landed my Vigier!
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Just landed my Vigier!

<r><p>Congratulation, wonderfull guitars! what kind of music do you play? Did you tried Bare Knuckles pickups i really like them. If it's not your cup of tea you could look for some Amber. Those in the excalibur kaos are really nice thought you can't have the same they are made custom for ...
by kaos
20 Jan 2015 03:44
Forum: Guitar and bass forum
Topic: NEW HERE 
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<r><p>hello, Wonderfull instrument! Im also new to the forum. Im jean from canada speak french and english. I use an excalibur kaos, a vintage arpege delta metal and a passion 4. i have a question althrough i don't know if i have to post it as a new subject. Do Vigier team looking foward produc...