SL model - tone control issue

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17 Dec 2021 23:01

The tone control doesn't really work. I can't gradually change the tone using it. Only if I turn it around completely, the tone changes from bright to muddy. It affects all pickups. Usually, the tone control allows you to adjust the tone individually but with my guitar, it doesn't work. It's basically like a switch bright/muddy. I read in a forum topic here that someone talked about that issue. (viewtopic.php?t=5584). I also found something about this issue on a website:

"In review of the Volume control of our review model, we found there was a jump in volume at the 90% open position. The Tone control also displayed limited usefulness, as only 25% of the range provided any kind of audible difference. [Editor’s Note: We were told that this was an issue with earlier production models and has since been corrected.]"

Edit: I recorded it to see if I'm just not hearing it - nope. The sound doesn't change at all even when you turn around the tone control 50%. It only changes the tone once it's turned around close to 100%.
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25 Dec 2021 17:22

The sweep/contour of the tone control is personal preference, and the SL is a unique beast (weak pickups, plinky strings if you have the action as low as Shawn preferred, 1 Meg pots, etc.). Just swap in different components until you find what you like.
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