Jeremy Krull - new studio album "(de)Tested"

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Jeremy Krull
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04 May 2014 20:15

Hey the time is finally here.

Since October 2012 I have been working on a new record of original music...the first of its kind from me in nearly ten years. It is called "(de)Tested" and it is to date the deepest emotional connection I have had to any creative work I have done so far. In addition to my original compositions as well as my playing (of all instruments), it features guest solos from my friends Chris Brooks, Chris Feener, and Terry Syrek. 

And since this is the Vigier forum, I should also mention that every single guitar part on the entire record was played with a Vigier guitar (be it my Excalibur 7, my Excalibur Custom, my Surfreter, or a GV Rock). 

It will be released May 13th to CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes, and pretty much every other major online retailer. If you wish to purchase a physical copy of the album before release, that can be done here.

Thank you all so much, and of course thanks to my Vigier family for allowing me to have exceptional instruments like these.

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