Steve Vai's Jemfest and my gear!

Let's talk about the amps, effects, etc… that you use with your Vigier, tell us how you get your sound.
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10 Jun 2010 16:27

AMps, gtrs and EFX I will be using at Steve Vai's Jemfest this year.
Every year there is a show called Jemfest in Orlando, Florida USA This
year Steve Vai himself will be hosting the event. Although it is a show
on Ibanez gtrs I will proudly playing my Vigier Ultra Blues as my
bandFOF (featured on Fridays) is the host band for this year. (JUNE

RIG: Bogner Goldfinger 45 6V6 into a Carvin 4x12 Legacy w 30 wt celestions

EFX: Yamaha UD Picth and Delay stomp, TC Nova, Barrcuda Flanger,
Homebrew Psycloside Phaser, redwitch chorus, Xoctic RC boost, Barber
Tone Press, FUlltone Clyde Wah, MI Audio Crunch Box, and a Rockbox
boiling point overdrive, CAE pedal/tuner switcher, TC Electronic tuner.

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