Goodbye Excalibur supra, welcome Expert Classic Rock

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24 Mar 2024 00:13

In the guitar shop today, I tried a GV Rock in matte black and an Expert Classic Rock in Marie-Antoinette blue (in pictures I always thought it was a glossy blue, but it's actually matte - still very nice).
I played it through a Bad cat head + 2x12 bad cat cabinet - I don't know which model). The Expert Classic Rock really sounded great with distortion, but the clean sound was heavenly to my ears. I chose the Expert Classic Rock - it's THE ONE.
I also think the neck is quite different from the Supra even though they have necks described as 'D shape'. The expert neck is rounder + thicker which I prefer.
The trem arm doesn't wobble so much  when I have it loose in the socket compared with the supra.
The vigier bag is very nice and feels sturdy. 
I let my son try it out when I got home.
1Patrice Vigier
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28 Mar 2024 14:41

Yes the neck is 1mm thicker
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