Grégory François
Band: Gowy
Vigier artist since: 2003

Grégory François alias “Gowy” is a French guitarist and composer. He plays in his project “Gowy” influenced by all the Jazz-Rock movement “Fusion” of the 70s and also by progressive rock and is session guitarist for many other artists. He is also a big fan of Frank Zappa.

Discography :

Music without money (2020)
Live at Tourcoing Jazz Festival (2019)
Free EP (2017)
Atoms (2016)
EP one take (2013)
Essential tracks (2007)

Christophe Florian aka L.C.F.
Band: Vanguard X Mortem / Lords Of The Cemetery / Ancestral Lore
Vigier artist since: 1993

French guitarist and founder of the Metal bands Vanguard X Mortem, Lords Of The Cemetery and Ancestral Lore.

Discography :

Lords Of The Cemetery – Luminous Gate – (2022)

Ancestral Lore – Behind the night horizon (2019)
Lords Of The Cemetery – Path of Damara – (2018)
Vanguard X Mortem – Amberosia – (2018)
Lords Of The Cemetery – Citipati – (2016)
Vanguard X Mortem – Anthropomorphism – (2016)
Vanguard X Mortem – Neptune Fragrance -(2014)
Vanguard X Mortem – [vanguardismortem] – (2012)
Comédie Macabre – Deathperanthis – (2009)


Excalibur Original
Excalibur Special & Ultra Blues


Roger Glover
Band: Bumblefoot / Sons Of Appolo
Vigier artist since: 1996

Is it really necessary to introduce this rock and roll legend? Yes. For those of you that don't know Roger Glover started by learning piano and acoustic guitar.
But it's as a bass player that in his first band, Madison, in 1963. However, a life changing event took place in July 1969. Ian Gillian was recording with Deep Purple and called Roger as a session member. One week later, Roger became a member of Deep Purple. In 1984, the band reformed with Roger on board. He has been using Vigier basses for years and gave his name to a signature model last year.


Deep Purple – Rapture the deep (2005)
Deep Purple – Bananas (2003)
Snapshot (2002)
Deep Purple – Abandon (1998)
Deep Purple – Purpendicular (1996)
Deep Puple – The battle rages on (1993)
Rainbow – Finyl Vinyl (1986)
Solo – Butterfly Ball (1974)
And many many more…


Vigier Excess Roger Glover Signature
Vigier Excess Clear Red
Vigier Excess Natural Alder Mat
Vigier Excess Ash
Vigier Excess II Retro Red
Vigier Excess II Urban Blue
and many more…

Daniele Gottardo
Vigier artist since: 2013
Italian guitarist, composer and producer, he has several solo albums to his credit, going from Metal to Classical music, he combines Pop melody, Heavy riff and virtuoso solo. He has also performed with musicians such as Greg Howe, Ritchie Kotzen, Guthrie Govan and Rudy Sarzo. In 2013 it was part of the “The top 10 hot male guitarists” ranking of Guitar World magazine. He owns one of our fretless model.


Excalibur Surfreter Supra

Patrice Guers
Band: Rhapsody
Vigier artist since: 1995

French bass player with a more than impressive CV, going from Metal to funk through nu-jazz, he currently plays in the group of Metal Symphonic Rhapsody. He has also recorded and performed with: Jon Lord, Patrick Rondat, Michel Petrucciani, Tommy Aldridge, Ian Parry, the G3 (with Joe SATRIANI, Michael Schenker & Uli Jon Roth)…

Discography :

Rhapsody – Zero gravity (2019)
Rhapsody – Prometheus (2015)
Rhapsody – Ascending to infinity (2012)
Rhapsody – Triumph or agony (2006)
Rhapsody – Symphony of enchanted land II ( 2004)
Rhapsody – Power of the dragonflame (2002)

Guthrie Govan
Band: The Aristocrats
Vigier artist since: 2012

English guitarist recognized as a virtuoso throughout the world, he officiates in his Power Trio “The Aristocrats” and is guitarist of Steven Wilson. He is also a guitar teacher and works with the British magazine Guitar Techniques. He also plays on a Vigier fretless.


Excalibur Surfreter Special Trans White

Christophe Godin
Band: Morglbl
Vigier artist since: 1999

French guitar-hero and spearhead of the Vigier team, Christophe Godin has performed on stages around the world with prestigious guitarists and friends such as Ron Bumblefoot Thal (Guns & Roses), Mattias IA Eklundh (Freak Kitchen), Kiko Loureiro (Angra), Guthrie Govan (The Aristocrats), Patrick Rondat, etc. He also plays in his power trio Morglbl with another endorsed Vigier: Ivan Rougny on bass and also in Metal Kartoon projects and formerly in the band Gnô.

Discography :

Mörglbl :
The Mörglbl Trio!! (1998)
Bienvenue à Mörglbl Land (1999)
Grötesk (2007)
Toon Tunes from the Past (Réédition des deux premiers albums – 2008)
Jäzz for the deaf (2009)
Brütal Römance (2012)
Tea Time for Pünks (2015)
The Story of Scott Rötti (2019)

Gnô :
Trash Deluxe (2001)
Cannibal Tango (2011)
Crass Palace (2013)

Roey Haviv
Band: Carolinacation / Skatepark / Roey Haviv
Vigier artist since: 2012

Roey is North Carolina's bassist extraordinaire. His skill on both fretted and fretless instruments makes him one of the go-to players in the Charlotte area.

A short list of just some of the bands and artists he played in/with over the years:
Nitay Av,
Tizmoret Ayn,
Pire adam,
Karni Eldad and the Muchachos,
Days like months,
Prof' Kobi Arad,
The Elephants,
D-other side,
Great white oblivion,
E&R duo,
2nd drink band.
Michael Tracy


Excess 4 String
Passion III 5 String
Passion IV Surfreter 4 String

Glenn Hughes - Vigier
Glenn Hughes
Band: Glenn Hughes / HTP
Vigier artist since: 1999

Glenn Hughes is a fabulous composer, bass player and acclaimed as “The Voice of Rock”.


Return Of Crystal Karma (2000)
Building The Machine (2001)
Hughes Turner Project 1 (2002)
Hughes Turner Project – Live In Tokyo (2002)
Hughes Turner Project 2 (2003)
Songs in the key of rock (2003)


Arpege 5
Arpege 4
Excalibur Special
Excalibur Surfreter Special

Stanley Jordan
Vigier artist since: 1990

Stanley Jordan is an American Jazz Fusion guitarist known in particular for his tapping technique which consists in using his two polyphonic hands on the guitar. Thanks to this particular technique, it is possible for him to play on two guitars at the same time, even to play on a guitar and a piano at the same time. He has one of the first Vigier Arpège models from which he does not separate!


Touch Sensitive (Tangent, 1982)
Magic Touch (Blue Note, 1985)
Standards Vol. 1 (Blue Note, 1986)
Flying Home (EMI-Manhattan, 1988)
Cornucopia (Blue Note, 1990)
Stolen Moments (Blue Note, 1991)
Bolero (Arista, 1994)
Live in New York (Blue Note, 1998)
State of Nature (Mack Avenue, 2008)
New Morning: The Paris Concert (Inakustik, 2008)
Dreams of Peace (Nicolosi, 2003)
Relaxing Music for Difficult Situations I (Manifold Music, 2003)
Friends (Mack Avenue, 2011)
Duets with Kevin Eubanks (Mack Avenue, 2015)


Arpege II guitar with a flat fingerboard
Excalibur Surfreter

Alphonso Johnson
Vigier artist since: 1995

Bass player born on February 2, 1951 in Philadelphia, he notably played with Weather Report before joining Jo Zawinul's group, he plays with Catalyst, a group from Philadelphia which mixes funk and jazz and presages jazz fusion. Before their second album, in 1971, he joined Weather Report and played on the albums Mysterious Traveler, Tale Spinnin 'and Black Market. In the latter, a young bass player makes his first appearance in Weather Report, Jaco Pastorius.

Al Johnson also recorded three solo albums between 1976 and 1977 in which he also played Chapman Stick. His extremely complete playing made him a very active sideman throughout the years which followed his departure from Weather Report with in particular Billy Cobham & George Duke Band (1976), Carlos Santana from 1983 to 1988, Wayne Shorter in 1988 or Jazz Is dead between 1998 and 2001

Julien Jaffrès
Vigier artist since: 2011

Born to musician parents, Julien grew up in the world of music: instruments, scores, recording studios and songs punctuated his daily life. At the age of three he tapped his first percussions and at six he learned the piano at the Auderghem Academy. Over the years, the notes have become words and the melody a story for Julien Jaffrès. A story that took a new turn at seventeen when he had a revelation by reading a magazine of the fifty greatest guitar solos. Celtic It is in his Finisterian roots that Julien draws his musical inspirations, combining Celtic influences and Breton traditions. Dan Ar Braz, the Legacy of the Celts and Stone Age … So many artists with bewitching melodies who rocked him. But this Gaelic sweetness did not completely reflect the personality of Julien Jaffrès. Breton blood flows through his veins, a blood full of history, battles and character, definitely Rock blood !!! Rock On the way to legend, Julien Jaffrès tears his guitar from Breton granite … And his Celtic rock splits the air. Following in the footsteps of the great Steeve Lukather, Satriani …, he created his progressive music, a subtle fusion of rock sounds and daring harmonies. A new breath which dynamites the Celtic airs and gives birth to a “New World”. World where the guitar is queen and in which Julien Jaffrès is raised to the rank of master. Master From the moment Julien chose the guitar, he gave himself without limits to his passion. Often spending more than eleven hours a day improving, his work is now rewarded. He is invited to give several Masterclasses, notably in Paris to teach students his techniques and his mastery of Celtic rock.

Discography :

Dog's life (2016)
Rock'n Celtic guitar (2012)

John Paul Jones Vigier Surfreter
John Paul Jones
Band: Led Zeppelin

The legendary bass player of Led Zeppelin owns an Excalibur Surfreter


Excalibur Surfreter

Eoghan Johnston
Band: The Midnight Preachers
Vigier artist since: 2012

Eoghan is the guitarist and singer in The Midnight Preachers, and has performed and toured in the past with acts such as Chris Slade (AC/DC), Bobby Kimball (Toto) and Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal (Asia, Ex-Guns N’Roses). As a writer and performer, Eoghan has released critically acclaimed music which has been recorded by Grammy-Award winning music producers, and has written music for music and TV Shows. Eoghan also runs Wildwater Studios, a recording studio in Ireland where such work as The Dodies' 'Floating In Limbo' was recorded + produced by Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal.

'To The Crows' – The Midnight Preachers
'Summertime' – The Midnight Preachers
'Desert Hymns' – The Midnight Preachers
Vigier Excalibur
Vigier GV Rock
Yohann Kochel / DEADALE
Band: Etrange, Architect Of Seth
Vigier artist since: 2013

French guitarist of the band Etrange & Architect of Seth.


Etrange – Etrange (2019)
Architect Of Seth – The persistence of Scars (2014)

Shawn Lane
Vigier artist since: 1998

Shawn Lane was trained on the piano by listening to classical music and jazz from an early age. A great follower of mixing and mixing music, he often regretted the lack of musical openness of the public, but especially that of the press.
Released in 1992, Powers of Ten, his first solo album, was very well received. It was above all the fruit of two years of hard work in his home studio.
Shawn Lane collaborated many times, and on many records, with a very talented musician but above all a true friend: Jonas Hellborg.
Shawn Lane was undoubtedly the fastest guitarist of all time but, from our point of view, he was above all a composer whose melodies touch you deep in your soul. He will be missed …


1992: “West Side Boogie” (promotional single)
1992: Powers of Ten (Warner Bros.)
1999: The Tri-Tone Fascination (Eye Reckon)
2001: Powers of Ten; Live! (Eye Reckon)
2019: The Tri-Tone Fascination (20th Anniversary Edition) (Shawn Lane / Shawn Lane Estate Memphis)

With Jonas Hellborg

1995: Abstract Logic (Bardo)
1995: Two Doors with Michael Shrieve (CMP)
1996: Temporal Analogues of Paradise (Bardo)
1997: Time Is the Enemy (Bardo)
1999: Zenhouse (Bardo)
2000: Good People in Times of Evil (Bardo)
2002: Personae (Bardo)
2003: Icon: A Transcontinental Gathering (Bardo)
2004: Paris: DVD release of the 2001 concert at New Morning (Bardo)


Excalibur Shawn Lane
Excalibur Shawn Lane Master
Excalibur Surfreter

Nick Lee
Band: Moon Tooth, Riot V
Vigier artist since: 2015

American guitarist from the bands Moontooth and Riot V.


Moon Tooth – Freaks EP (2013)
Riot V – Unleash the Fire (2014)
Moon Tooth – Chromaparagon (2016)
Riot V – Armor of Light (2018)
Moon Tooth – Crux (2019)


Excalibur Ultra Blues Velours Noir
G.V. Rock RockArt (Chromaparagon)
G.V. Rock Black

Olaf Lenk
Band: At Vance
Vigier artist since: 2000

Guitarist of the band “At Vance” formed in 1981, he is already known for his solo albums, as guitarist for the bandZed Yago and for his participation in the progressive project Centers. He has released over a dozen studio albums.


Olaf Jung:
Sunset Cruise (1996)

At Vance:
No Escape (1999)
Heart of Steel (2000)
Dragonchaser (2001)
Only Human (2002)
The Evil In You (2003)
Chained (2005)
VII (2007)
Ride the Sky (2009)
Facing Your Enemy (2012)


Excalibur Original
Excalibur Custom

Matt Lupo
Matt Lupo
Band: East of the Wall / Opul
Vigier artist since: 2014

Matt Lupo is an American guitarist for East of the Wall and his solo project, Opul.


East of the Wall – Farmer's Almanac (2008)
East of the Wall – Ressentiment (2010)
East of the Wall – The Apologist (2011)
East of the Wall – Redaction Artifacts (2013)
Opul – Audio Sketchbook (2012)
Opul – Personell (2013)
Opul – The Assailant (2013)
Opul – Levels (2015)
Opul – Heirs (2016)
East of the Wall – NP Complete (2019)


Excalibur Indus
Excalibur Supra

Ron Laster - James Brown
Ron Laster
Band: James Brown
Vigier artist since: 1998

Ron “Rock” Laster is recognized as one of the top Funk Guitarists in the Country. After a brief stint gigging with Rick James & The Stone City Band, Ron Joined The Jerry D'amico Group, which later lead to a meeting with Ann & David Weston and an audition w/The James Brown Band. James Brown recognized his talent and Ron was hired on the spot as a JB & lead rhythm guitarist behind the late great Jimmy Nolan. While with Brown, he also became backup MC to the Great Danny Ray, and later musical director. In 1984 James Brown's rhythm section along with Ron Laster was nominated for a Grammy for best instrumental of the year for a song titled “Today.”

He has shared stages and performed with icons such as B.B. King, Aretha Franklin, Carolyn Franklin, Prince, Michael Jackson, Robert Randolph, Fred Wesley, Maceo Parker to name a few. Ron's talent as one of the best in the industry, has been heard on HBO's “The Wire,” David Letterman, Good Morning America, Arsenio Hall, and The Johnny Carson Show.

He played and toured with “the Godfather of Soul,” James Brown, for almost 30 years and ended his career with him as Musical Director and Conductor.

Today Ron Laster perform with is his own band the “Master Blasters”.


Excalibur Supra
Excalibur Supra Fixed Bridge

Gary Moore
Vigier artist since: 1998

Guitar legend and singer born in Northern Ireland. He often used saturated sounds similar to Hard Rock, but his rhythmic and melodic inspirations come directly from the Blues. He owned one of the first Vigier Arpège.

Tom Monda
Band: Thank You Scientist
Vigier artist since: 2012

American guitarist born in New Jersey in 1985, from the band of merging Pop, Jazz and Rock “Thank You Scientist”.


Thank You Scientist – The Perils of Time Travel (2011)
Thank You Scientist – Maps of Non-Existent Places (2012)
Thank You Scientist – Stranger Heads Prevail (2016)
Thank You Scientist – Terraformer (2019)


Excalibur Surfreter Supra
Expert Standard 63
Excalibur Special
Excalibur Ultra Blues

Marc Meesters
Vigier artist since: 2011

Guitarist and also singer, Marc started playing the guitar at the age of 11, after a few years of difficult practice, he joined a group of covers. Since then, he has performed and toured with many different groups across Europe, and has also performed the Shawn Lane memorial show in Memphis in 2013. In addition to performing under his own name, Marc plays and sings with This is Jackson, Ultimate Guns N Roses Tribute and Ann May.


Excalibur Shawn Lane Master

Hugh Myrone
Band: Myrone
Vigier artist since: 2017

Hugh Myrone is a progenitor of #softshred, bringing Big Guitar Energy to a world that desperately needs it. Wielding his trusty Excalibur Indus, the formerly masked fretboard pyrotechnician is known in many circles as the standing “Champion of NAMM.”


Guitar Magic (2019)
Pathways (2019)
Only Myrone is Real (2018)
Hue (2018)
Very Relaxed and Lavish (2017)
Humanity (2017)
Drift Stage Vol 1 (2016)


Excalibur Indus
Expert Classic Rock

Gabriel Marin
Band: Consider the Source

Gabriel Marin has studied and performed music from a huge range of global sources. As one of the few players to explore the fretless guitar and MIDI guitar, he has found a truly unique and expressive voice. In addition his exploration and layering of a vast array of effects contributes to his distinct sound. He is a founding member of internationally renowned fusion band Consider the Source.

Esperanto (2007)
Are You Watching Closely (2009)
That's What's Up (2010)
World War Trio 1, 2 & 3 (2015)
You Are Literally A Metaphor (2019)

JC Massaux
Band: JC Massaux
Vigier artist since: 2014
Nicolas Baby aka "Niktus"
Band: F.F.F.
Vigier artist since: 1993

Nicolas Baby known as Niktus in the Punk Hardcore group “Cosmic Wurst”, he created with the singer Marco Prince the group FFF (Fédération française de fonck) in 1987. Noticed in 1990 at the Transmusicales in Rennes, FFF came out for a year later his first album Blast Culture.

They then went on tours across Europe, America and Asia, signed other albums in 1993, 1996, 2000, and won the Victoires de la Musique  (french awards) for the best concert in 1997.

He left a lasting impression on a stage presence worthy of a guitar hero, an unconventional style of play. Since the beginnings of FFF, he has been playing on his Vigier bass.

Discography :

Vierge (2000)
Vivants (1997)
FFF (1996)
Free for ever (1993)
Blast culture (1991)

Prescott Niles
Band: The Knack

Prescott Niles is an American rock bass player. He is known as a bass player for The Knack, who was No. 1 in the United States and No. 6 in Great Britain with the song My Sharona.

Vernon Neilly
Vernon Neilly
Band: Vernon Neilly
Vigier artist since: 2018

Vernon joined the Vigier family in 2018 following a whirlwind few years of traveling the world and shredding with some of the best players it has to offer.


Excalibur Thirteen
Excalibur Indus
Expert Standard 63

Aires Pereira
Band: Moonspell
Vigier artist since: 2019

Bassist of the Metal band Moonspell.

Discography :

1755 (2017)
Extinct (2015)
Alpha noir/Omega white (2012)
Night Eternal (2008)