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Sturt Dave
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Bass player, United-Kingdom.
Style: Progressive / Ambient / Experimental
Biography: Dave Sturt was born in the North East of England and began playing and recording at the age of 17.
He moved to London and soon broke in to the session scene working along side film composer Michael Kamen, Floyd guitarist Dave Gilmour, Roxy drummer Andy Newmark, and Bowie sideman Earl Slick amongst others. In 1987 Dave joined progressive outfit Jade Warrior, recording three albums as bass player, composer and co-producer along side Tom Newman (Tubular Bells).
Dave went on to compose themes and incidental music for film and television as well as playing sessions for Pol Brennan (Clannad), Beatsystem and Theo Travis. Live work developed with Cuban/American guitarist Isaac Guillory, Thee na Shee, The Fraser Sisters, Andy Sheppard, Bosco D’Olivera and Bill Nelson (Be Bop Deluxe, Red Noise).
Dave has recently been touring Europe with psychedelic masters Gong and The Steve Hillage Band and will be performing in 2011 with Bill Nelson. His other main projects are dark ambient specialists Cipher – producing three albums and several scores to classic silent films – and Jade Warrior – currently recording the new album – ‘HAIKU’. Dave is also an experienced teacher and sound engineer, has 18 albums, TV and radio sessions to his credit as well as innumerable gigs around the UK and Europe– and is busier than ever !
Musician magazine described Dave as a “remarkable bass player”.

Selective discography: Alan Sturt - The Hero Chronicles (2010)
Brian Boothby - Honour (2010)
Jade Warrior - Now (2008)
Cipher - Elemental Forces (2006)
Mat Andasun - Nottingham Songs (2006)
Cipher - One Who Whispers (2002)
The Fraser Sisters - Going around (2001)
Obvious – Obvious (2000)
> Thee na Shee - Strange Horse (1999)
The Crack - To Wake The Stone (1997)
Cipher - No Ordinary Man (1996)
Theo Travis - Secret Island (1995)
Jade Warrior - Distant Echoes (1994)

Instruments: Vigier Arpege
Vigier Passion Delta Metal Fretless
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