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Whatsley Ben / Jet Pack Invicta
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Guitar player, United Kingdom.
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Style: Punk / Metal / Hardcore / Rock
Band: Jet Pack, Invicta! / Junk DNA / This Illusion / Independent
Biography: Ben’s passion for the guitar came about by pure accident, after picking one up at the young age of eleven. A little after his fourteenth birthday, he began playing live shows and his love for it developed from an enjoyable hobby into a complete lifestyle and he’s still heavily involved with it today.

He was the driving force behind the impressive UK metal act ‘Junk DNA’ and gained a large fan base, spread across the country, from his energetic playing style and constant touring. Following the success of this project, Ben formed ‘This Illusion’, for which he was the main songwriter and took the band on several tours but is now focusing the attention on recorded material and providing the guitar and bass for studio albums. Both acts have had several worldwide releases that were very well received, pleasing existing fans along with attracting new ones. During this time, Ben collaborated with the likes of Paul Di’Anno (Former Iron Maiden frontman) and Jason Bowld (Pitschifter) both live and in the studio.

Ben continues his session work as much as possible, contributing on Dudley Ross’s debut album ‘The Note that Told a Thousand Tales’, performing with hard rock outfit ‘Silicone Bullet’ and providing bass duties for the highly talented ‘Mary Spender’. 2010 saw ‘This Illusion’ release their first full-length studio album titled ‘The Charm Offensive’, while Ben’s main band - Brit Grit rockers 'Jet Pack, Invicta!' released their debut E.P. 'We Stole the Show'. This has been followed up with a series of guest performances with the likes of Ron Thal, Matthew Ferguson (Tea Time Tigers) and Christophe Godin. Ben has also played some high profile reunion shows with Junk DNA and 2014 saw Jet Pack, Invicta! release their second E.P. titled 'Savage Smiles'.

As a result of Ben’s outstanding musical history, he has since been invited to demonstrate at and participate in both local and international trade shows. To accompany this, Ben also organises and leads guitar clinics to help people get the most out of their playing abilities. His expertise and very broad knowledge of guitars led him to the high-end company ‘Vigier’, whose instruments he has been playing for many years, as well as a Vigier artist Ben is now the UK Sales Manager - having opened their first UK office in 2007.
Discography: Bass Connection Live Compilation (1998)
Bass Connection Christmas Compilation (1998)
Compendium Compilation (1999)
Junk DNA – Altered St8 (1999)
Junk DNA – Sounds of Xcess (2000)
Sound and Light 2000 (2000)
Full Tilt Volume III Compilation (2001)
Junk DNA – Junk DNA (2001)
Metal Hammer Compilation (2002)
Junk DNA – Inspired by Despair (2003)
This Illusion – This Illusion (2004)
This Illusion – Not Just Listening (2005)
Cop Off Volume II Compilation (2009)
This Illusion – The Charm Offensive (2010)
Mary Spender – Denmark Street / Dear John (2010)
Music Fusion Compilation (2010)
Jet Pack, Invicta! - We Stole the Show (2011)
Vigier Compilation (2012)
Tea Time, Tigers! - Subtle Is As Subtle Does (2014)
Jet Pack, Invicta! - Savage Smiles (2014)
Instruments: 2 x Excalibur Ultra HH
1 x Indus (no dots)
1 x Expert Retro ’54 (no dots)
(all fixed bridge with 1 x Vol and no Tone)
1 x G.V.Wood
Strings: Elixir 10 - 52
Web site:
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