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Masayoshi Yamashita / Loudness
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Bass player, Japan
Style: Metal
Band: Loudness
Biography: Yamashita Masayoshi is not just any bass player: he is a member of the most legendary Japanese heavy Metal bands: Loudness. Responsible for the heavy metal revolution that took place in the 1980's in Japan, Loudness was the first band to break out of the underground scene. Formed in 1981 the “Japanese Van Halen”, manages very quickly and surprisingly to gain appeal with a larger audience, opening the path for the future Japanese heavy metal scene. In Japan, Heavy metal remained popular regardless of fashion and 1980's bands labelled “Kitsch” in Occident are still considered as gods. Contrary to the legendary X Japan, Loudness was the only Japanese band of the 1980's to succeed in infiltrating the American scene. With their fourth and now classic album ”Thunder in the East”, followed by “Lightning Strikes”, they seduced a part of the American audience in need of new groundbreaking guitar heroes, thanks to the legendary guitarist Akira Takasaki, leader of the band and Yamashita's childhood friend. After Hair Metal brutally stopped being popular in the US, Takasaki took a new experimental direction. Yamashita left the band in the early 90's. In 2004 the band reforms with the original line up, Yamashita is back on stage. New albums, new tours and Vigier basses of course. If a lot of bands went acoustic or played with an orchestra, Loudness evolved to an even more aggressive, organic and raw metal. Loudness was the band that started it all, and more than 20 years later, the only band to survive the test of time.
Discography: Birthday Eve (1981)
Devil Soldier (1982)
Law of Devil's Land (1983)
Disillusion (1984)
Thunder in the East (1985)
Shadows of War/Lightning Strikes (1986)
Hurricane Eyes (1987)
Jealousy (1988)
Soldier of Fortune (1989)
On the Prowl (1991)
Loudness (1992)
Spiritual Canoe (2001)
Pandemonium (2001)
Biosphere (2002)
Terror (2004)
Rockshocks (2004)
Racing (2004)
Breaking the Taboo (2006)
Metal Mad (2008)
The Everlasting (2009)
King of Pain (2010)
Eve to Dawn (2011)
Instruments: Vigier Excess Black (rosewood fingerboard)
Vigier Excess Black (mapple fingerboard)
Vigier Arpege Black
Strings: 50 - 110
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