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Godin Christophe / Mörglbl / 2G / Metal Kartoon
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Guitar player, born march 30, Annecy, France.
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Style: Rock / Funk / Jazz
Band: Morglbl, Metal Kartoon, 2G
Biography: Christophe Godin, guitarist and vocalist with the look of a wrestler, started his musical career as a guitar hero in several bands that, thank god, didn't leave any musical evidence behind.
His first contribution to a recorded album came in 1995 with the band Temple, in an album with a national sales campaign and positive press feedback.
In 1996, his track for “Guitare Attitudes”, a charity album, earned him national recognition and access to one of the main's TV shows in France, “Nulle Part Ailleurs” on Canal+.
In 1997, he forms the Mörglbl Trio (pronounced “morgulball” - it means absolutely nothing by the way) alongside bassist Ivan Rougny and Drummer Jean-Pierre Frélézeau. With two albums (« the mörglbl Trio » and « welcome to mörglbl land », the band would eventually start to earn him international recognition.
At the same time, Christophe has been a teacher at the ATM since 1991, and earned a solid reputation with his instructional DVD and his guitar magazine contributions. He regularly goes on clinic tours throughout France and at the prestigious M.A.I. School of music.
In 2001, he jumps aboard a new project, “Gnô”, along with Gabriel Vegh and Peter Puke, and released “Thrash deluxe”, followed by an intensive tour. He also tours with Guitarist Pierre Jean Gaucher on a ‘2G tour’ (in reference to their name and the G3 of course).
The acclaimed “Metal Kartoon album”, that contains both guitar virtuoso instrumental tracks, pop-metal-funk songs and hilarious content, was released in 2005 followed by a noticeably humorous tour. The album features guitar participations by Ron Thal and Matthias I.A. Eklundh. The tour gathered together the members of the Mörglbl Trio and Jérôme Ogier on keyboards and violin.
The Mörglbl Trio just released a new album, “Grotesk”, an incredible humorous/energetic/weird collection of 10 shred to jazz to metal to funk to experimental songs, and is currently on tour - It has to be heard to be believed.
Discography: Mörglbl - Grötesk (2007)
2G - Pierrejean Gaucher/Christophe Godin (2007)
Christophe Godin's Metal Kartoon (Les Mercenaires Associés/2005)
Gnô - Trash Deluxe (Janvier Records/2001)
Christophe Chambet - The Family (Lost Chart Records 1999)
Bienvenue à Mörglbl Land (IHL 1999)
Pour une terre sans mines (Undertown Records 1998)
The Mörglbl Trio !! (IHL 1998)
Guitare Attitudes rock influences (XIII Bis Records 1996)
Temple (Krystaline Records 1995)
Instruments: Vigier Excalibur Supra "Metal Kartoon"
Vigier Excalibur Anniversary
Vigier Excalibur Custom
Vigier Expert
Vigier Excalibur 7
Vigier Surfreter
Strings: Ernie Ball Slinky 10 - 52
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