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Thal Ron / Gun's and Roses / Bumblefoot
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Guitar player, born in New York, United States.
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Style: Rock, experimental, progressive
Band: Bumblefoot, Guns 'n Roses
Biography: Known for being a musical UFO, Ron Thal is a talented artist. Gifted with an outstanding technique, this New-Yorker likes to share through music his eccentricity and joyfulness. He is NOT your typical Hendrix / Van Halen copycat. Through experiments and new techniques, he has proved capable of taking the guitar to the next level and opened the path for future generations. Ron likes to experiment, but also proves capable of singing catchy rock songs on his latest album “Normal”, which is both an accessible melodic rock album and a breathtaking exhibition of a varied guitar techniques palette. After being introduced to Axl Rose by Joe Satriani, he joined the Guns and Roses on tour. His remarkable live performance on “Nightrain” impressed the fans worldwide. Ron is also famous for playing on weird-looking guitars. Who else plays on a foot-shaped guitar? Or a drill-holed “Cheese” guitar? Bumblefoot is a real Vigier enthusiast, and his long-term collaboration coherently gave birth to a Signature Model, the Vigier BBF.
Discography: Guns N' Roses - Chinese Democracy (2008)
Bumblefoot - Abnormal (2008)
Bumblefoot - Normal (2005)
Bumblefoot - Forgotten Anthology (2003)
Bumblefoot - Uncool (2002)
Bumblefoot - 9.11 (2001)
Bumblefoot - Hands (1998)
Ron THal - Hermit (1997)
Ron Thal - The Adventures of Bumblefoot (1995)
Instruments: Excalibur Custom Clear Black
Excalibur Surfreter Supra Antique Violin
BumbleFoot custom shaped Guitar
Vigier Cheese guitar
Excalibur Bfoot
Strings: Ernie Ball Slinky 9-42
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