The Ultra is equipped with EMG brand pickups that are set at a perfect distance from the strings and are fixed directly on the body to keep them from vibrating. This is important for players who like to play at high volumes because feedback is cut.


We could go into a lengthy description of the numerous sound possibilities this model can give you, but we seriously think the best thing is to get your hands on one and hear it for yourself.


This models is equipped with EMG or DiMarzio pickups but refer to the technical specifications at the end of this page for more information.


We sprayed a shielder inside the electronic cavity to reduce hum when playing at high volumes. The wiring is meticulously done and our brand choices for electronic parts are DiMarzio and Switchcraft. The controls are comprised of volume, tone, and a five-way switch that allow you to select or combine the pickups as follows:

2 Humbuckers & 1 single-coil (Excalibur Ultra)

2 Single-coil & 1 humbucker (Excalibur Ultra Blues)

1 Humbucker in neck position

1 Single-coil in neck position

2 Humbucker in neck & single-coil in middle position

2 Single-coil in neck & middle position

3 Humbucker in neck & bridge position

3 Single-coil in neck & humbucker in bridge position

4 Humbucker in bridge & single-coil in middle position

4 Humbucker in bridge & single-coil in middle position

5 Humbucker in bridge position

5 Humbucker in bridge position

Instead of having just the middle pickup alone ( position 3), the 5-way switch has been wired to connect the bridge and neck pickup together.


To prevent your guitar cable from being pulled out while you’re playing, or connect a transmitter, we recessed the output jack into the edge of the body.