Vigier 2017 Non-Locking Tremolo

Vigier 7 Strings tremolo 

This non-locking tremolo is set on the Excalibur Supra 7 for guitarist that are looking for a rich, crunchy sound. Usually, the bridge’s pivot system is fitted with knives but we decided to replace them with ball bearings. Once the knives are worn, there is no way the tremolo can come back to its original position because there is friction. When this happens you will have detuning problems. Our ball bearings can turn 10,000 times per minute and so are impossible to wear. The perfect tuning stability of the Excalibur Supra 7 is also ensured through the locking machine heads that are precisely aligned with the strings and our traditional zero fret that eliminates friction at the level of the nut. Another important detail, is the short distance between the bridge saddle and the place where the string is anchored. Each saddle has a small roller located at the string break point to minimize friction.

The 2017 tremolo has as much tuning stability as most guitars equipped with a regular Floyd Rose.