Before any pickup is mounted on an Excalibur it's entirely controlled. Each pole is adjusted so that it has a balanced output level. Another small but important detail is that most standard humbuckers have two adjustment screws, but we took the time to add a third screw so that height or tilt adjustments can be made easily and an equal distance between the strings and the coils can be achieved.

Pickups reference

This models is equipped with DiMarzio pickups : Air Classic neck, FS1, Air Classic bridge. 


We sprayed a shielder inside the electronic cavity as well as on the pickguard to reduce hum when playing at high volumes. The wiring is meticulously done and our brand choices for electronic parts are DiMarzio and Switchcraft. The controls are comprised of volume, tone, and a five-way switch that allow you to select or combine the pickups as follows:


1 Humbucker in neck position

2 Single-coil in neck & middle position

3 Single-coil in neck & bridge position

4 Single-coil in bridge & middle position

5 Humbucker in bridge position

Instead of having just the middle pickup alone ( position 3), the 5-way switch has been wired to connect the bridge and neck pickup together.


To prevent your guitar cable from being pulled out while you’re playing, or connect a transmitter, we recessed the output jack into the edge of the body.