Vigier Floyd Rose® Licensed Tremolo

This tremolo is available on the Excalibur Original model and Excalibur Custom. 

Long before others, we built our own locking tremolo so we know what guitar virtuosos and heavy tremolo users need to stay in tune. Usually, the bridge’s pivot system is fitted with knives but we decided to replace them with ball bearings. We’re the only guitar maker in the world that does this on a Floyd Rose to give it maximum tuning stability and longevity. Once the knives are worn, there is no way the tremolo can come back to its original position because there is friction. When this happens you will have detuning problems. Our ball bearings can turn 10,000 times per minute and so are impossible to wear. 

•To keep the guitar in tune at the level of the nut, you'll find the indispensable one piece locking nut and a zero fret that guarantees exact first fret action height and accurate tuning. In addition, we adjusted the saddles to precisely match the radius of the fingerboard.

•Our 10/90 Neck System also contributes to tuning stability because it doesn't have a metal truss rod and it's solid. With wood necks, the metal truss rod can rub inside and cause detuning problems.

•The angle of the tremolo arm can be set while you're playing and removed easily.

•For your convenience, the Allen keys have been neatly fitted at the rear of the headstock.