We chose single-coil, DiMarzio Virtual Vintage pickups for the Expert line because they have the best vintage sound without the noise that's usually associated with single-coil pickups.


Like described in the Expert model names, but with today's improvements.
Expert, Retro '54
Expert, Standard '63
Expert, Texas Blues


Please refer to the technical specifications at the end of this page.


We sprayed a shielder inside the electronic cavity as well as on the pickguard to reduce hum when playing at high volumes. The wiring is meticulously done and our brand choices for electronic parts are DiMarzio and Switchcraft. The controls are comprised of volume, tone, and a five-way switch that allows you to select or combine the pickups as follows:

1 Neck position
2 Neck and middle position
3 Neck and bridge position
4 Bridge and middle position
5 Bridge position

Instead of having just the middle pickup alone (position 3), the 5-way switch has been wired to connect the bridge and neck pickup together.


To prevent your guitar cable from being pulled out while you’re playing, or connect a transmitter, we recessed the output jack into the edge of the body.