We designed the shape of the body with the thought of improving the harmony between you the player, and the guitar. The perfect balance of the guitar is achieved by aligning the neck with the axis of the human body. The Excalibur weighs approximately 3Kg and is undoubtedly one of the lightest guitars in its category. So, for those players who play spectacular, action filled concerts or just endlessly somewhere, we are positive that you’ll appreciate its manageability and lightweight.


Depending on the models, we can use alder, maple, or ash wood. Also selected in France’s forests, these woods are real and solid. They are dried naturally for years in our factory before we cut them. The body is made up of only 2 center-joined pieces not 4, or sometimes even 7 pieces like other makers. Finally, our flamed maple is real, not a photo imitation.


The summit of quality is denoted in our finishes. Our master finisher sprays over 10 coats of varnish between numerous sanding procedures and then waits a minimum of one month before polishing to obtain a shine and protection on the body that will last throughout years and earn you some envious glances. Please refer to the technical specifications at the end of our catalog for each models standard color.