This is the master element of the bass' sound and comfort. It always receives particular attention every time we develop new concepts to improve its performance. Because the neck is not mass produced, each one can be verified individually by our luthiers. With their hands and their eyes they will make sure nothing was overlooked. And with your hands youíll feel it !


We use the same maple wood selected by great classical instrument makers to manufacture the neck. It is selected in France's forests and dried naturally for years before it will be cut and used. Its humidity level is strictly controlled while it is stored.

10/90 Neck Systemô

This exclusive advanced concept of 10% carbon and 90% wood replaces the traditional metal truss rod with a dense carbon strip to reinforce the neck. Employed for 18 years on all Vigier guitars and basses, this concept makes the neck strong and stable during climate change. We never believed it was logical to drill a hole through a neck and then insert a rod of metal inside. Because wood necks vibrate, they can absorb the energy of the string and shorten sustain. The 10/90 neck is solid, notes ring longer and your sound is precise and powerful.


In order to completely protect the neck as well as enhance its feel and play, a mat varnish was sprayed on it.