The Excess is equipped with twin single-coil pickups designed by Benedetti. Two Alnico magnets are fitted for each string. They have a wide frequency band that accurately reproduces low-end and high-end response. Only the finest materials are used ; Alnico 8 magnets for the poles and pure copper and silver alloy wire for the coils. To reduce microphonic feedback, the pickups are wax potted and bolted down with 4 adjustment screws.


We could go into a lengthy description of the numerous sound possibilities the Excess can give you, but we seriously think the best thing is to get your hands on one and hear for yourself.


We sprayed a shielder inside the electronic cavity as well as on the backplate to reduce hum when playing at high volumes. The wiring is meticulously done and our brand choice for jacks is Switchcraft. All of these details combined, guarantee the Excess a top and reliable performance.

Active Controls

ACTIVE BASS EQ CONTROL Offers +/-20dB cut/boost in the bass frequencies
ACTIVE TREBLE EQ CONTROL Offers +/-20dB cut/boost in the treble frequencies
HUM-CANCELING CIRCUIT Eliminates the hum usually associated with single-coil pickups to create a true studio-quiet performance: single-coil tone without the hum.


To prevent your guitar cable from being pulled out while you’re playing, or connect a transmitter, we recessed the output jack into the edge of the body.