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Vigier Instruments - Guitars and Basses Vigier Instruments - Guitars and Basses Vigier Instruments - Guitars and Basses
Vigier Instruments - Guitars and Basses
Vigier Instruments - Guitars and Basses
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Make good use of our brand new forum. It offers new possibilities such as putting music or videos online. When you register, don't forget to add multimedia files to your profile.
Depending on your status on the forum, you can get more space for your pictures and music.
Use the signature block to write personal information that will allow forum members to get to know you better.
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:: How To Activate Cookies ?

You need to activate the cookies in order to use the forum. On your navigator, go tot "Tools" and then "Options"

:: I did not receive an email confirming that I registered on the site.

1) You did not enter a valid address.
2) Look at your spam box to verify that our email is not in there.


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:: Is the technical information that you are providing on the website accurate?

Yes, but we may not update the web site as quickly as we wish to.
Note that images are show for color reference purpose.

:: Do you censor or edit the user's reviews?

No, we chose transparency this corresponds to our ethics. We only hope that every opinion will be given in fairness and with objectivity.

Guitar (Miscellaneous)

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:: I hear noises from the jack output, which causes a distorted signal or a loss of it.
Is it possible to repair it or does it need to be changed?

In the first place you should make sure you use good cables such as RapcoHorizon or Dimarzio.
If you stepped on the guitar cable, the Jack input may have been damaged.
That would mean it needs to be repaired by a professional.

:: Do you make left-handed instruments?

The Excalibur Special and Indus are available in left-handed versions.

:: What kind of case do I need to take on a plane?

You need to buy a shock-resistant Flight case if the guitar goes with the luggage (Flight case = aluminium structure + mousse inside to absorb shocks.)

Use a gig bag if the air line company allows taking instrument on board.

:: What is the year of production of my Vigier?

On the Excaliburs, you can determine the year of production with the serial number on the back of the guitar.
9700064 means the guitar was produced in 1997; 0200089 means it was produced in 2002.

Other models have their year of production located under the Bridge Pickup.
For Arpège Guitars, Basses and the Marilyn, the fabrication years are displayed on our site.

:: Where can I order parts and get my guitar repaired?

You can order parts through your music store. For instrument repairs, you can contact us directly or through your dealer.

:: What options are available?

You can download our catalogue online, more available options are listed.

:: Do you sell separate parts?

We do not sell separate parts, but the parts on your Vigier instruments can be replaced if needed.

Guitar (Cleaning)

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:: What products do you recommend for guitar care?

You can use a glass cleaner in a small quantity to clean the fretboard and body.
If the fretboard is really dirty, you can use a very limited quantity of white spirit.
You can also use a polish cloth and adapted guitar polish product for the body.
For Ebony and Rosewood fretboards, you can use a fretboard conditioner or Lemon oil.
Vigier recommends MusicNomad instrument care products ( MusicNomad ) for use with our guitars and basses.

:: How can I clean the metal fretboard on the surfreters ?

You can use a polish paste for either metal or varnish. You can find such products in a car accessories shop. The very best product we recommend is MusicNomad's Cymbal Cleaner.

Guitar (neck)

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:: Because the neck is not adjustable can I use heavy strings?

If you have a guitar without tremolo or with the non locking tremolo, make sure to change or adjust your nut for the new strings.
The risk if you do not do it:
Bad tuning stability (if strings are heavier) or noise at the zero fret (if strings are thinner).

:: What is the difference between Maple and Rosewood fretboards?

Rosewood has a warm, round sound, while Maple has a bright a clear sound.
It affects your attack.

Guitars (pickups)

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:: I need a new pickguard with a different pickup configuration…

We only have certain pickguard / colour configurations. Contact us to see what is possible.

:: Replacing pickups (adjustment screws)

If you change the bridge pickup you should use a pickup with F spacing (like a Seymour Duncan from the TB series), they are drilled for 6 screws and fit our pickguards.

If you replace the neck pickup you must use the standard series and therefore you have no other alternative than to drill 2mm the base of the pickup to add the two missing holes and make the thread with a 2,5 mm tool.

:: I need a different pickup combination...

You can order a different pickup combination as long as they are similar (in size and wiring).

Guitar (sound)

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:: Does the Varnish influence the sound?

Varnish can absorb the sustain. We pay close attention to ensure we reduce the varnish layer. Most industrial guitars, however, have a thick varnish layer (over 1mm) that gives a “plastic” feel to the instrument.

:: What are the most versatile guitars?

All our guitars have been designed to be absolutely versatile. Choose the one that matches your personal tastes in pickups, bridge type etc...

:: What pickup do I need to use to get a “METAL” sound?

The EMG's are very popular among metal players, as well as Dimarzio's high-output pickups such as the X2N, Tone Zone, D-Activators and for extreme tunings the D-Sonic.

Guitar (vibrato)

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:: I own an old Vigier; can I replace the old vibrato with a new one?

The Floyd Rose vibrato's are different, the new ones won't fit the guitar.
However, the 2000 vibrato can be replaced with the new 2010.

:: How do I change my Khaller Vibrato?

Unfortunately, these are not produced anymore, but you can still find parts on the Internet...

:: The Vibrato bar tends to get loose...

You can adjust the screw on the back of the vibrato, under the backplate, to tighten the vibrato bar.

:: Will there ever be an Ultra with a Floyd Rose ?

No, we don't have plans about it.


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:: What strings do you recommend?

D'addario or Ernie Ball makes very good strings, with an advantage in term of sound and reliability for Ernie Ball.


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:: How to request an endorsement?

For endorsement requests we answer only proposals made by post.
It is necessary to send us a "Press-kit", complete with CD, photographs, biography, articles, and any other documents promoting the artist and / or the group.

We also ask that every artist completes and encloses the endorsement form , which will help us determine what level of endorsement is best for the artist / group.

Please be aware that a simple email or phone call does not allow us to judge the potential of proposal.

Send your requests to the following address:

High Tech Distribution
10-12 rue de l'abbé Grégoire
ZAC des radars
91350 Grigny

Please do not immerse us in emails to remind us of your request; we pay close attention to all the files that are sent to us.
We will contact the artist / group which are the most appropriate.

Otherwise, files are archived and it is possible that the artist / group is later re-contacted for another possibility in our catalogue which corresponds better to their style.

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